AGMath Challenge

Available:  MATHCOUNTS coaches only please.  If you would like a full state-level (probably harder) MATHCOUNTS-style set to use for preparation for this year's state competition, please e-mail me at batterson@aops.com and I will happily send a full copy with key.


MATHCOUNTS is the nation's premier middle school math competition.  Below are links to materials provided on the MATHCOUNTS site, as well as lessons that are helpful preparation for the competition.

Ordering Materials is easy, and coaches starting programs can usually find funding.  If you are interested in starting a MATHCOUNTS program at your school (in North Carolina), there is usually funding available.  Contact John Goebel (goebel@ncssm.edu) for information about available funding for a MATHCOUNTS team at your school.

Find out more about MATHCOUNTS.
Find copies of Recent Tests.
Volume 1 of This Year's School Handbook.

The Coaches Corner at Minnesota MATHCOUNTS has a ton of old competitions that can be used for practice.

Looking for a place to start?  Try these Ten Easy Tricks that every MATHCOUNTS competitor should know.  10 problems and solutions demonstrate some common competition tricks.

Keys have been posted where available.  If no key is posted, electronic keys are not available (sorry).

I have recently been writing a lot of mock MATHCOUNTS materials.  These tend to be slightly harder than the similarly numbered MATHCOUNTS sets.

      From My Students:
     Student-submitted Mock MATHCOUNTS materials.  If you find something wrong, please e-mail me ... I have been editing a lot of these very quickly and suspect I missed some things and made/missed some mistakes that should have been corrected.

Ten Essential short practice sets for MATHCOUNTS:  Counting, Probability, Statistics (Mean, Median, Mode), Patterns, Pythagorean Theorem, Area, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Proportions/Ratios/Percents, Algebraic Equations, and Number Theory (Factoring).  Need answers?  These problems are tough!  The key is here.  Updated 12/31/2008

Number Theory:  Primes, Divisibility, Factoring, Factoring 'Tricks', Factorials, Different Bases, Units Digits.  (52 pages)  Updated 1/28/2009.

Draft Counting unit.  Mostly Completed now.  (42 pages) 
Updated 2/26/08.

Draft Probability unit.  Mostly complete, but could use some revisions.  Updated 4/26/09.

Many more worksheets for MATHCOUNTS practice can be found on the Submit Content page of this site including sample workouts, lessons, and mock competitions written by some of the nation's top middle-schoolers.

Number Sense Worksheets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 as used by (4 time National MathCounts champion coach) Jeff Boyd's top flight math program in Texas.  Keys HERE.  Perhaps these are the reason why Bobby Shen knew LCM(14,15,16) before I read the question.

MathCounts Toolbox:  From MATHCOUNTS, this is a very good list of things that every student should know.

27 Problems and full solutions which illustrate a number of important tricks used in middle-grades math competitions by Keone Hon.

A nice practice set from Matthew Crawford, AoPS author and founder of Mist Academy who has helped train many of the country's best young math students.